We believe everybody should realize the joy and benefit of playing sport, and there are so many reasons why bowls is ideally placed to unlock these fantastic advantages. Here are our top 5 reasons to give bowls a try:

Playing bowls is very DOABLE.  Physically, financially and practically, there are no real reason not to have a go.  In fact 93% of people feel they are capable of playing bowls.

Most people, notably over 60s and those with disabilities or health conditions, find bowls VITALIZING.  It delivers mental and physical health benefits and acts as an essential social lifeline.

Bowls is highly SOCIABLE providing a level playing field across all ages and genders.  Competition amongst friends and family is authentic and clubs feel like a home from home.

Bowls is NOT EXPENSIVE. To get going you don’t need lots of new kit and we put on 4 free taster sessions with coaching from our qualified coaches. All you need is flat-soled shoes. There is a discounted Subscription for new members.

And finally, playing bowls is a simple skill which takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master.  Its MESMERISING qualities capture imaginations and give people the time of their life but please be aware it can become addictive! If you are not prepared to have hours of fun and mix with good company whilst keeping fit and active then bowls is not for you!


Borough Green is a thriving outdoor club that enjoyed unprecedented success in 2022 and has an excellent green and facilities including a well-stocked bar. See Pages - 2022-Even better than ’18!!! & About Us


The Club is open most evenings so why not drop in and see what we can offer