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Becky, Jane, Di & Leah celebrating after beating Appleyard at Holmesdale to reach the Kent Semi-Finals.

Congratulations to all four but especially Becky & Leah who qualify for their County Badge.

The 'baby' Four beat Coney Hall in the Semi-Final and Northfleet in the Final and have qualified for the National Champinships at Royal Leamington Spa.

Congratulations to Josh pictured after reaching the Kent Quarter-Finals of the Singles and qualifying for his County Badge.

Josh went on to win 21 - 13 before losing his Semi-Final -
a huge achievment!

That was three County Badges in three days
                        - average age 21 !!!

Bowls is NOT just a game for old folk !!!

What's Coming Up?


Friday 12th August
Sevenoaks League Finale:
   Borough Green 29 (0pts) 7th v Woodlands 34 (6pts) 4th

   Westerham v Minters Orchard LOST 25 - 40 (1pt) 8th

Saturday 13th August
Mixed Home v OGF WON 86 - 80

Sunday 14th August
KCBA(L) Mollie Cleggett Semi-Final:
   Borough Green v
Canterbury @ Maidstone 9.30am (3rd/4th Play-Off & Final postponed ufn due to Extreme Heat Alert)
Home Counties League - KCBA Under 25's (inc Josh Rowe) v
Surrey Under 25's @ Borough Greem 10.30am
Mixed Home v Chatham CANCELLED

Monday 15th August
West Kent League - Borough Green v
Westerham 5.30pm

Wednesday 17th August
Men Home v Westerham 2.30pm - see 'Selections'

Friday 19th August
Marshall Cup Final @ Sevenoaks 5pm:

   Borough Green v Vale
      & Sevenoaks League Presentation Night

Saturday 20th August
Men Away v Tonbridge MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm

Sunday 21st August
Men & Ladies Away v Bearsted & Thurnham MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm

Monday 22nd August
West Kent League Finale - Borough Green v
Holmesdale 5.30pm

Tuesday 23rd August
Men Away v Orpington 2.30pm

Wednesday 24th August
Mixed Away v OGF 2.30pm

Saturday 27th August
Mixed Away v Penenden Heath 2.30pm
BE White Rose Trophy Semi-Final - Kent v
Suffolk @ Leamington 9.30am
BE Amy Rose Bowl Semi-Final - Kent v
Leicestershire @ Leamington 9.30am

Sunday 28th August
Men & Ladies Home v Lenham 2.30pm

and what's been happening?

Friday 22nd July
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v Wrotham LOST 17 - 49 (0pts) 7th
   Vale v Woodlands WON 34 - 29 (6pts) 4th
   Angel v Minters Orchard LOST 31 - 32 (2pts) 8th

Saturday 23rd July
Mixed Away v Hesketh Park LOST 77 - 120
BE Johns Trophy Area Final - Kent (including Rachel Banks & Jane Cogle 17 - 14) v Surrey @ Horsham LOST 87 - 113

Sunday 24th July
Mixed Away v VCD LOST 39 - 72
KCBA(L) Fours Semi-Final @ Maidstone:

   Becky Banks, Leah Saxton, Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle v J Tullett, J Harris, D Huxley. A Jebb (Coney Hall) WON 18 - 14
      Becky, Leah, Di & Jane qualify for the Kent Final v
Northfleet on Sunday 7th August @ Canterbury (time tbc)
         and National Championships (Kent A) on Saturday 3rd September @ Leamington (time tbc)

Monday 25th July
West Kent League -
Wrotham v Borough Green WON 38 - 25 (4pts) 1st

Wednesday 27th July
Men Away v Wrotham LOST 35 - 59

Ladies Away v Loose LOST 25 - 36

Friday 29th July
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v
Knockholt WON 49  - 18 (4pts) 6th
   Woodlands v
Holmesdale LOST 28 - 48 (2pts) 4th
   Minters Orchard v
Montreal Park LOST 23 - 40 (2pts) 8th

Saturday 30th July

KCBA(L) Senior Fours Semi-Final & Final @ West Beckenham :
   Dawn Slater, Lynn Andrews, Di Sekjer & Jane Cogle v
S Jacobs, M Johnson, D Porter, B Martin (Bromley) WON 23 - 11

   Dawn Slater, Lynn Andrews, Di Sekjer & Jane Cogle v
A Dineen, E Poulastides, J Eslick, M Haskins (Horton Kirby) LOST 20 - 21

Mixed Away v Loose LOST 88 - 102

Sunday 31st July
Men & Ladies Away v Maidstone LOST 88 - 132

Monday 1st August
West Kent League -
Tonbridge v Borough Green WON 39 - 29 (4pts) 1st
Marshall Cup Quarter-Final - Borough Green v
Holmesdale WON 41 - 24

Tuesday 2nd August
Marshall Cup Semi-Finals @ Borough Green:
Acorns v Borough Green WON 40 - 20
      (Greg Rowe, Arthur Ragan, Allen Banks 17 - 13
       Josh Rowe, Tom Ragan, Tony Cogle 23 - 7)
Vale 31 v Wrotham 25
KCBA(L) Mollie Cleggett (1rH/1rA) -
Peninsular v Borough Green WON 38 - 35
    (Home: Lyn Andrews, Dee Ragan, Rita Horn, Rachel Banks 15 - 19

     Away: Dawn Slater, Heather Young, Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle 23 - 16)

Wednesday 3rd August
Mixed Away v Sevenoaks LOST 61 - 67

Thursday 4th August
Ladies Home v Horton Kirby CANCELLED - venue confusion!

Friday 5th August

Sevenoaks League:
Vale v Borough Green LOST 25 - 31 (1pt) 6th
   Woodlands v
Sevenoaks WON 53 - 21 (6pts) 4th
   Minters Orchard v
Beeches WON 48 - 26 (5pts) 8th

Saturday 6th August
KCBA Senior Fours Semi-Final @ Maidstone:
   Arthur Ragan, Andy Paterson, Allen Banks, Tom Ragan v
D King, S Savage, J Farrell, G Brock (Bromley) LOST 9 - 21
BE Senior Pairs @ Southey:
   Regional Semi-Final - Di Sekjer & Jane Cogle v
R Newbury (Cranleigh) WON 23 - 8
   Regional Final - Di Sekjer & Jane Cogle v
G Hill (Eastbourne) WON 22 - 16
      Di & Jane qualify for National Quarter-Finals - Thursday 1st September @ Leamington
Men & Ladies Away v Lenham LOST 67 - 151

Sunday 7th August
BE Champion of Champions - Regional Semi-Final @ Southey:
   Rachel Banks v
K Jenkins (Knaphill) LOST 15 - 21
KCBA Under 25 Pairs Final @ Halls:
   Josh Rowe & J
oe Sanford (Bromley) v J Wimble-Roberts (Appleyard) &  J Vanderpeer (Canterbury) WON 26 - 12
     COUNTY CHAMPIONS !! and qualified for National Finals - Monday 29th August @ Leamington

KCBA(L) Fours Final @ Canterbury:
    Becky Banks, Leah Saxton, Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle v
A Attard, L Gisby, S Paramor-Ling, L Paramor (Northfleet) WON 17 - 15
      COUNTY CHAMPIONS !! and qualified for National Finals - Saturday 3rd September @ Leamington

Mixed Away v Winget LOST 77 - 108

Monday 8th August
West Kent League - Borough Green v
Knockholt WON 41 - 28 (6pts) 1st

Tuesday 9th August
Mixed Home v Wrotham WON 60 - 38
KCBA(L) Mollie Cleggett Quarter-Final (1rH/1rA) -
Bearsted v Borough Green WON 41 - 31
   (Home: Dawn Slater, Heather Young, Di Sekjer, Rachel Banks 27 - 10
    Away: Chris Wells, Eve Strudwick, Becky Banks, Jane Cogle 14 - 21)
      Semi-Final & Final Sunday 14th August @ Maidstone 9.30am

Wednesday 10th August
Mixed Away v Swanley WON 94 - 70