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What's Coming Up?

Saturday 21st May

BE Mixed Pairs - N Bennett (Orpington Excelsior) v Neale Woodham & Rachel Banks LOST 5 - 18
BE Senior Pairs - David Round & Tony Cogle v
D Clark (Eltham) WON 17 - 14
Mixed Home v Bearsted & Thurnham LOST 89 -94
Ladies Away v Tonbridge WON 56 - 35

Sunday 22nd May
BE Two Fours -
Blackheath & Greenwich v Borough Green WON 36 - 33
   (Arthur Ragan, David Round, Tom Ragan, Allen Banks 21 Taylor Monk & Co 12
   Trevor Wells, Andy Paterson, Neale Woodhan Tony Cogle 15 Andy Thomson & Co 21)
KCBA(L) Unbadged Singles -
G Douglas (Grosvenor) v Alison Andrews WON 21 - 9
Mixed Away v Queenborough WON 88 - 66

Monday 23rd May
BE Tony Alcock (Mixed Over 60 Double Rink) - Borough Gren v
Petts Wood WON 35 - 29
   (Arthur Ragan, Chris Wells, Tom Ragan, Jane Cogle 23 - 9
    Trevor Wells, Rita Horn, Di Sekjer, Tony Cogle 12 - 20)

Tuesday 24th May
KCBA Pairs -
P Burrows (Westborough) v Tom Ragan WON (W/O)

Wednesday 25th May
Mixed Away v Cobham LOST 69 -99
BE Senior Singles -
I Way (West Wickham) v Duncan Hanmore LOST 14 - 21

Thursday 26th May
Men Home v Tonbridge 2.30pm - see 'Selections'
KCBA(L) Triples - Becky Banks, Rachel Banks & Jane Cogle v
G Hurstwaite (Holmesdale) 6pm
KCBA Senior Fours - Arthur Ragan, Andy Paterson, Allen Banks, Tom Ragan v
G Lock (Chatham) 6pm

Friday 27th May
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
Wrotham v Borough Green
   Woodlands v
   Minters Orchard v
KCBA Unbadged Singles -
G McDonald (Kent County Constabulary) v Josh Rowe
KCBA(L) Pairs:
J Cartwright (Grosvenor) v Chris Wells & Rita Horn
A Flint (Holmesdale) v Becky Banks & Jane Cogle
   Leah Saxton & Rachel Banks v
C Jones (Loose)
   Lyn Andrews & Pam Banks v
S Leigh (Maidstone)

Saturday 28th May
Open Morning 10am-12noon
KCBA(L) Under 25 Singles - Becky Banks, Alex Rowe @ Canterbury 9am
Mixed Away v Wrotham 2.30pm - see 'Selections'
BE Senior Pairs - Di Sekjer & Jane Cogle v
G Barnes (West Wickham) 2pm
BE Champion of Champions - Tony Cogle v
L Ereira (Blackheath & Greenwich) 6pm

Sunday 29th May
KCBA 2-Wood Singles - Duncan Hanmore, Greg Rowe, Josh Rowe, Trevor Wells @ Tonbridge 9.30am
BE Mixed Fours -
P Harris (Forest Hill) v Arthur Ragan (sub), Becky Banks, Tony & Jane Cogle 10am
Mixed Home v Winget CANCELLED by opposition
Millennium Trophy - Borough Green v
Bearsted and Thurnham A 6pm

Monday 30th May
West Kent League -
Holmesdale v Borough Green 6pm
KCBA Singles 6pm:
   Duncan Hanmore WON (W/O)
M Goldacre (Bearsted) v Greg Rowe - playing at Borough Green
R Ferguson (Bearsted) v Tony Cogle WON (W/O)
R Lunn (Bearsted) v Trevor Wells
G Holt (Marden) v Josh Rowe

Tuesday 31st May
BE Senior Pairs - David Round & Tony Cogle v
M Garrard (Sidcup) 2pm
KCBA Pairs 6pm:
Arthur & Tom Ragan v Josh Rowe & Dunan Hanmore 
M Doorey (Marden) v Trevor Wells & Neale Woodham
KCBA(L) Singles - Alex Rowe v
G Douglas (Cranbrook) 6pm

Wednesday 1st June
BE Mixed Pairs -
G Stockwell (Bromley) v Jane & Tony Cogle 10am
Men Away v Tonbridge 2.30pm - see 'Selections'
KCBA Triples 6pm:
   Josh Rowe, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v Greg Rowe, Gary Batty, Allen Banks
   Tom Ragan v
R Gladman (Penenden Heath)
KCBA(L) Unbadged Singles - Alex Rowe v D Harris (Bearsted) 6pm

Thursday 2nd June
Mixed Triples Semi-Finals 10am:
   Neale Woodham, Alison Andrews, Richard Lee-Amies v Paul Fennell, Dee Ragan, Bill Green
   John Strudwick, Jane Cogle, Andy Paterson v Jeff Alback, Becky Banks, Arthur Ragan
FINAL - postponed (date tbc)
BE Club Two Fours -
New Beckenham v Borough Green 6pm

Friday 3rd June

BE Champion of Champions - J Woods (Holmesdale) v Rachel Banks 10am

Saturday 4th June
BE Ladies Top Club - Borough Green v
Bromley Town 10am
Men Away v Woodlands 2.30pm

Sunday 5th June
KCBA (L) 2-Wood - Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle, Dee Ragan, Di Sekjer @ Borough Green 9.30am
Mixed Away v OGF 2.30pm

Monday 6th June
KCBA Singles 6pm:
   Duncan Hanmore v
R Southby (Bearsted) OR  G Masters (Bearsted)
M Goldacre (Bearsted)  OR Greg Rowe v Tony Cogle
KCBA(L) Singles:
J Cartwright (Grosvenor) v Jane Cogle 2pm
   Becky Banks v
A Flint (Holmesdale)
J Woods (Holmesdale) v Leah Saxton
   Di Sekjer v
G Bunch (Cranbrook)

Tuesday 7th June
Mixed Home v Gravesend Vets 2.30pm
KCBA(L) Senior Fours:
L Tyler (Civil Service) v Chris Wells
   Jane Cogle v
G Soames (Loose)

Thursday 9th June
KCBA Fours 6pm:
   Tom Ragan v
D Ambrose (Borstal)
   Josh & Greg Rowe, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v
S Powell (Tonbridge) WON (W/O)
KCBA(L) Triples - Dee Ragan v
M Chapman (Holmesdale)

Friday 10th June
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
Knockholt v Borouh Green
Holmesdale v Woodlands
Montreal Park v Minters Orchard
KCBA Unbadged Singles -
I Ferguson (Bearsted) OR M Pout (Headcorn) v Greg Rowe 6pm

Saturday 11th June
BE Top Club - Borough Green v
Sevenoaks 10am
Men Home v Marden MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm
Belle Trophy -
Eltham v Borough Green 5pm

Sunday 12th June
Mixed Home v Northfleet 2.30pm

and what's been happening?

Saturday 7th May

BE Mixed Pairs - P Rumble (Bromley Town) v Neale Woodham & Rachel Banks WON 28 - 5
Men Away v Marden WON 76 - 75

Sunday 8th May
BE Mixed Pairs -
J Barnes (West Wickham) v Dee Ragan & Duncan Hanmore WON 16  - 15
Men & Ladies Home v Maidstone MILLENNIUM LEAGUE MEN LOST 75 - 87 (2pts-8pts)
                                                                                                     LADIES WON 49 - 30  (4pts-2pts)

Monday 9th May

BE Mixed Fours - Becky Banks, Tony & Jane Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v Josh Rowe WON 17 - 15

Tuesday 10th May
BE Family Pairs - Chris & Trevor Wells v
C Smith (Bromley) WON 16 - 15
BE Senior Pairs - G Brock (Bromley) v Tom Ragan & Duncan Hanmore LOST 7 - 23
BE Mixed Pairs -
H Prince (South Hill Wood) v Josh Rowe LOST 6 - 20
BE Champion of Champions -
E Pickering (West Wickham) v Rachel Banks WON 21 - 15

Wednesday 11th May
Men Home v Woodcroft LOST 59 - 61 (Abandoned 12ends!)

Thursday 12th May
KCBA Senior Fours 6pm:
K Banes (Sheerness St Georges) v Neale Woodham, David Round, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore LOST
N Bowden (Appleyard) v Arthur Ragan, Andy Paterson, Allen Banks, Tom Ragan WON 14 - 11

Friday 13th May
Sevenoaks League:
Holmesdale v Borough Green LOST 23 - 53 (0pts) 5th
   Woodlands v
Wrotham WON 46 - 35 (6pts) 2nd
   Minters Orchard v
St Georges LOST 30 - 33 (0pts) 8th

Saturday 14th May
KCBA(L) Johns & Walker Trial @ Maidstone
KCBA Middleton Trial @ Bromley
Mixed Home v Holmesdale LOST 78 - 100

Sunday 15th May

KCBA(L) Amy Rose Coaching @ Borough Green
Mixed Home v Cobham WON 128 - 78

Monday 16th May
BE Mixed Pairs -
D Singer (Bromley) v Jane & Tony Cogle WON 21 - 8

Tuesday 17th May
BE Mixed Pairs -
A Cheeseman (Bromley) v Dee Ragan & Duncan Hanmore LOST 4 - 18

BE Senior Singles - Trevor Wells v J Barnes (West Wickham) LOST 10 - 21

Wednesday 18th May
Mixed Away v Townsend Hook WON 86 - 77
Ladies Home v Orpington WON 58 - 24
KCBA Pairs - Greg Rowe & Tony Cogle v
G Holt (Marden) LOST 6 - 14

Thursday 19th May
KCBA Unbadged Singles - Greg Rowe v
T Goss (Headcorn) WON 21 - 17

KCBA Senior Fours - Arthur Ragan, Andy Paterson, Allen Banks, Tom Ragan v A Hughes (Civil Service Chatham) WON 18 - 5

Friday 20th May
Sevenoaks League:

   Tonbridge v Borough Green LOST 29 - 33 (1pt) 5th
Knockholt v Woodlands LOST 22 - 36 (2pts) 3rd
Hadlow v Minters Orchard LOST 28 - 34 (0pts) 8th