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So what will you be doing this summer?
Fancy playing a competitive sport? Or fancy a social pastime?
PLAY BOWLS is the answer to either question!

Come along any Tuesday Morning or Thursday evening and give bowls a try!

What's Coming Up?

Friday 19th July

Sevenoaks League:

   Borough Green v Longmead WON 43 - 22 (4pts) 1st
   Woodlands v
Knockholt WON 32 - 21 (5pts) 4th
Angel v Minters Orchard LOST 27 - 43 (1pt) 5th
   Valley View v
Rushmore LOST 31 - 32 (2pts) 3rd

Saturday 20th July
BE Middleton Cup Quarter- Final -
Oxfordshire v Kent WON
   (Semi Final @ Leamington v Cumbria or Northumberland Saturday 3/8 9.30am)
Mixed Away v Hesketh Park WON 101 - 89

Sunday 21st July
BE National Mixed Fours - Area Final:
   Becky Banks, Rachel Banks (sub), Tony Cogle & Duncan Hanmore v
D Burnham (Gravesend) LOST 17 - 18 (ee)

Men Away v VCD LOST 82 - 118

Monday 22nd July
KCBA Past Presidents BA 115 v Banks BA 79
West Kent League:
Holmesdale v Borough Green A (playing Thursday)
   Borough Green B v
Tonbridge B (playing Friday 9th August)

Tuesday 23rd July
KCBA (L) Mollie Cleggett (1rH/1rA) 6pm:
Bearsted & Thurnham v Borough Green

Wednesday 24th July
KCBA(L) Benevolent Triples 9.30am
   (inc Chris Wells, Rita Horn & Jean McCallum,
   Angela Ralph, Linda Thompson)
Men Away v Wrotham 6pm

Thursday 25th July
West Kent League -
Holmesdale v Borough Green A 6pm
Thursday Night League Week 5 6.30pm

Friday 26th July
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
Wolfe v Woodlands
   Minters Orchard v Borough Green
   Valley View v

Saturday 27th July
Mixed Away v Loose 2.30pm
Ladies Home v Empire CANCELLED (opposition)

Sunday 28th July
Men & Ladies Away v Maidstone 2.30pm

Monday 29th July
West Kent League 6pm:
Tonbridge B v Borough Green A
Wrotham v Borough Green B

Tuesday 30th July

Wednesday 31st July
Men Away v Sevenoaks 2.30pm

Thursday 1st August
Thursday Night League Week 6

Friday 2nd August
Sevenoaks League FINALE 5.30pm:
   Borough Green v
Longmead v Woodlands
Knockholt v Minters Orchard
   Valley View v

and What's Been Happening

Friday 12th July

Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v
Knockholt WON 49 - 21 (6pts) 1st
Pilgrims v Woodlands LOST 28 - 39 (2pts) 4th
   Minters Orchard v
Wolfe WON 44 - 23 (6pts) 5th
Chartwell v Valley View WON 53 - 26 (6pts) 3rd

Saturday 13th July
Mixed Away v Holmesdale WON 98 - 80

Sunday 14th July
BE Top Club - Borough Green v
Canterbury LOST 1 - 4
   (2-W Singles: John Ouzman 13 - 8, 4-W Singles: Stuart Kennedy 20 - 21,
   Pairs: Tom Ragan & Duncan Hanmore 15 - 27, Triples: David Round, Allen Banks, Tony Cogle 16 - 17
   Fours: Trevor Wells, Neale Woodham, Colin Smith, Andy Slade 15 - 25)
Men Away v The Grove MILLENNIUM LEAGUE WON 93 - 59 (10pts - 2pts)
BE Ladies Top Club - Borough Green v
Broadstairs & St Peters WON 3 - 1 (97 - 46)
   (Singles: Becky Banks 21 - 0, Pairs: Leah Saxton & Rachel Banks 29 - 13.
   Triples: Chris Wells, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick 17 - 19
   Fours: Dot Fuller, Lynn Andrews, Dee Ragan, Jean McCallum 30 - 14)

Monday 15th July
West Kent League:
Tonbridge A v Borough Green A LOST 34 - 39 (2pts) 1st
Holmesdale v Borough Green B LOST 19 - 45 (0pts) 5th

Tuesday 16th July
KCBA (L) Mollie Cleggett (1rH/1rA):
Chatham v Borough Green WON 47 - 30
       (Home Dawn Slater, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick, Jean McCallum 20 - 14
        Away Chris Wells, Dee Ragan, Becky Banks, Rachel Banks 27 - 16)
Marshall Cup:
Holmesdale v Borough Green LOST 22 - 38
   Minters Orchard v
Longmead LOST 21 - 39

Wednesday 17th July

Men Away v Windmill WON 97 - 58
Belle Trophy - Borough Green v
Sidcup WON 93 - 29
   (Singles: Becky Banks 21 - 11, Pairs: Dawn Slater & Rachel Banks 28 - 3
    Triples: Chris Wells, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick 22 - 6
    Fours: Dot Fuller, Mary Round, Dee Ragan, Jean McCallum 22 - 9)

Thursday 18th July
Ladies Home v Tonbridge CANCELLED
Thursday Night League Week 4 POSTPONED
BE Ladies Top Club - Kent/Sussex Area Semi-Final:

   Borough Green v Lenham LOST 1 - 3
      (Singles: Becky Banks 20 - 21, Pairs: Chris Wells & Rachel Banks 11 - 24
       Triples: Mary Round, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick 12 - 20
       Fours: Dot Fuller, Lynn Andrews, Dee Ragan, Jean McCallum 23 - 22)