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What's Coming Up?

Saturday 19th June
Men Home v West Wickham WON 96 - 57

Sunday 20th June
BE Senior Singles - David Jones (RBS) v Duncan Hanmore WON
Mixed Home v Queenborough CANCELLED - opposition
BE Mixed Fours - Becky Banks, Tony Cogle, Jane Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v D Willis (Blackheath & Greenwich) LOST
BE Family Pairs -
C Smith (Bromley) v Chris & Trevor Wells LOST

Monday 21st June
West Kent League 6pm:
   Knockholt v Borough Green A
   Borough Green B v Holmesdale

Tuesday 22nd June
Marshall Cup 6pm:
   Holmesdale v Minters Orchard
   Wrotham v Valley View
KCBA(L) Senior Fours -
E Simpson (Borstal) v Dawn Slater, Lynn Andrews, Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle 6pm

Wednesday 23rd June
Mixed Home v OGF 2.30pm - see 'Selections'
BE Champion of Champions - D King (Woolwich & Plumstead) v Duncan Hanmore 6pm
KCBA(L) Fours - Becky Banks, Di Sekjer, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle v
S Leigh (Maidstone) 6pm

Thursday 24th June
KCBA Fours 6pm:

   S Knight (Marden) v Neale Woodham, David Round, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore
   Peter Flory, Geoff Smith, Steve Medhurst, Stuart Kennedy v
R Walker (Biddenden)

Friday 25th June
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
   Borough Green
v Vale
   Woodlands v Sevenoaks
   St Georges v Minters Orchard
   Angel v Valley View

Saturday 26th June
KCBA(L) 2-Wood Singles - Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle, Di Sekjer @ Borstal 9am
Men & Ladies Away v Horton Kirby 2.30pm

Sunday 27th June
Mixed Home v Borough of Croydon CANCELLED - opposition
Mixed Away v Belvedere 2.30pm

Monday 28th June
West Kent League 6pm:
   Borough Green A
v Tonbridge
   Knockholt v Borough Green B

Wednesday 30th June
Men Away v Woodlands 2.30pm

Friday 2nd July
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
   Woodlands v Borough Green
   Minters Orhard
v Longmead
   Wolfe v Valley View

Saturday 3rd July
Mens 2-Wood Competition 9.30am (tbc)
BE Mens Top Club - Bromley v Borough Green 6pm

Sunday 4th July
Men Home v Halls MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm
KCBA(L) Division 3 Finals @ Sheerness St Georges time tbc
   Triples - Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle v
Paige Dennis, Steph Crates, Emily Ferguson (Appleyard)

Monday 5th July
West Kent League 6pm:
   Westerham v Borough Green A
   Borough Green B v Tonbridge

Tuesday 6th July
Marshall Cup 6pm:
   Borough Green
v Vale
   Knockholt v Woodlands

Wednesday 7th July
Mixed Home v Cobham 2.30pm

Thursday 8th July
Mixed Home v West Kent Masonic 2.30pm

Friday 9th July
Sevenoaks League 6pm:

   Holmesdalev v Borough Green
   Woodlands v Tonbridge
   Minters Orchard resting
   Valley View v Acorns

Saturday 10th July
Mixed Away v Cobham 2.30pm
BE Middleton Cup - Kent (including Duncan Hanmore) v Middlesex @ Essex County 10am
BE Johns Trophy - Kent (including Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle, Chris Wells) v Middlesex @ Sutton 1.30pm

Sunday 11th July
Men & Ladies Home v VCD 2.30pm
BE Amy Rose - Maids of Kent (including Becky Banks, Leah Saxton) v Essex @Halls 11am

and What's been happening?

Thursday 3rd June
KCBA(L) Triples:
   S Leigh (Maidstone) v Chris Wells, Rita Horn, Di Sekjer LOST
   Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle v C Clark (Biddenden) WON (w/o)
   L Stock (Maidstone) v Dawn Slater, Leah Saxton, Heather Young WON
BE Mixed Pairs - Jane & Tony Cogle v D & M Sekjer (Blackheath & Greenwich) LOST
KCBA Senior Fours - G Knowles (Appleyard) v Arthur Ragan, Andy Paterson, Steve Medhurst, Colin Smith LOST

Friday 4th June
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v Sevenoaks LOST 34 - 36 (2pts) 4th
   Woodlands v Westerham WON 52 - 31 (6pts) 7th
   Knockholt v Minters Orchard LOST 33 - 42 (2pts) 4th
   Acorns v Valley View LOST 30 - 31 (2pts) 5th
KCBA Unbadged Singles:
   Peter Flory v A Baines (Bearsted) LOST
   Steve Medhurst v J Rowe (Maidstone) WON
KCBA(L) Pairs:
   J Gibbs (Westerham) v Leah Saxton & Rachel Banks WON
   M Sweeney (Maidstone) v Becky Banks & Jane Cogle WON

Saturday 5th June
BE Senior Singles - Duncan Hanmore v M Garrard (Sidcup) WON
Men Home v Woodlands 2.30pm LOST

Sunday 6th June
BE Champion of Champions - R Davey (Orpington) v Duncan Hanmore WON
Mixed Away v OGF LOST 104 - 107
BE Senior Pairs - Chris Wells & Rita Horn v M Chapman (Holmesdale) LOST
BE Mixed Fours - Becky Banks, Tony Cogle, Jane Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v G Stockwell (Bromley) WON (w/o)

Monday 7th June
West Kent League - Borough Green A WON 59 - 17 (6pts - 1st) v
Borough Green B (0pts- 6th)

KCBA Singles - Duncan Hanmore v R Southby (Bearsted) LOST

KCBA(L) Singles:
A King (Queenborough) v Di Sekjer LOST
M Chapman (Holmesdale) v Jane Cogle LOST

Tuesday 8th June
Mixed Home v Gravesend Vets 2.30pm WON
BE Family Pairs - Chris & Trevor Wells v
D Singer (Bromley) WON

Wednesday 9th June
KCBA(L) Fours -
J Cooper (Holmesdale) v Jane Cogle WON (w/o)
BE Ladies Top Club - Borough Green v
Sidcup WON 3 - 1 (93 - 47)
Singles: Rita Horn 21 - 17. Pairs: Chris Wells, Di Sekjer 31 -7, Triples: Leah Saxton, Mary Round, Rachel Banks 12 - 18
   Fours: Dawn Slater, Heather Young, Becky Banks, Jane Cogle 29 - 5
KCBA Triples - Tom Ragan v G Rowe (Maidstone) LOST

Thursday 10th June
KCBA(L) Triples - Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle  WON v
Dawn Slater, Heather Young, Leah Saxton

Friday 11th June
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v
Tonbridge LOST 36 - 37 (2pts) 3rd
Hadlow v Woodlands WON 28 - 27 (4pts) 6th
   Minters Orchard v
Montreal Park WON 49 - 26 (6pts) 2nd
Rushmore v Valley View DREW 34 - 34 (3pts) 4th
KCBA Unbadged Singles -
G Brown (Bearsted) v Steve Medhurst LOST
KCBA(L) Pairs -
Becky Banks & Jane Cogle v Leah Saxton & Rachel Banks WON

Saturday 12th June
BE Senior Pairs: Tom Ragan & Duncan Hanmore v C Smith (Bromley) LOST
Men Away v Marden MILLENNIUM LEAGUE WON 90 - 71 (8pts - 4pts)

Sunday 13th June
BE Two Fours - Sidcup v Borough Green LOST 19 - 26
   John Carter, Neale Woodham, Stuart Kennedy, Colin Smith 10 - 14
   Trevor Wells, Peter Flory, Malcolm Jarvis, Tony Cogle 9 - 12
Mixed Home v Northfleet WON 90 - 76
Millennium Trophy - Queenborough v Borough Green WON 102 - 75
   2-Wood Singles: Rita Horn 19 - 10, Singles: Trevor Wells 21 - 7, Pairs: Colin Smith, Steve Medhurst 29 - 11,
   Triples: Chris Wells, Rachel Banks, Tony Cogle 9 - 35, Fours: Becky Banks, Neale Woodham, Jane Cogle, Duncan Hanmore 24 - 12

Monday 14th June
West Kent Ladies League:
   Holmesdale v Borough Green A WON 46 - 20 (6pts) 1st
   Borough Green B resting 7th

Tuesday 15th June
KCBA(L) Senior Fours:
   Dawn Slater, Lynn Andrews, Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle v B Williams (Bearsted) WON
   Y Vidgeon (Peninsular) v Chris Wells LOST

Wednesday 16th June
Men Away v Westerham LOST
KCBA(L) Fours - Becky Banks, Di Sekjer, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle v J Gibbs (Westerham) WON

Thursday 17th June
Men & Ladies Home v Hartley Country Club CANCELLED - threat of rain
KCBA Fours:
   Neale Woodham, David Round, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore v B Chalklin (Tonbridge) WON
   Peter Flory, Geoff Smith, Steve Medhurst, Stuart Kennedy v C Rimmington (The Grove) WON
   D Holt (Loose) v Tom Ragan LOST
KCBA(L) Triples - S Leigh (Maidstone) v Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle WON

Friday 18th June
Sevenoaks League:
   Westerham v Borough Green WON 35 - 27 (4pts) 3rd
   Vale v Woodlands WON 31 - 23 (6pts) 4th
   Minters Orchard v Wrotham LOST 29 - 30 (2pts) 3rd
   Valley View v Beeches LOST 18 - 50 (0pts) 4th
KCBA(L) Pairs - M Chapman (Holmesdale) v Leah Saxton & Rachel Banks LOST

Return to Bowls Guidelines

The full Bowls England guidance has been circulated to all members and is available on the BE website.

The Executive Committee have agreed to the following changes effective from Monday 17th May.

** Restrictions on numbers on the green has been removed - the green will revert to 6 rinks
** Spectators are allowed but should sign in (Book in 'jack shed')
** Car Sharing is allowed (see BE guidance)
** We will revert to cash payments for drinks, match fees etc.
 ** Changing Rooms may be used - limits have been set of 6 max in Mens and 4 max in Ladies - Masks should be worn, social    distancing maintained
** Matches will continue in Greys until further notice
** Automated Rink Booking System - will continue all season
** Bar - inside table service, rule of 6 applies, Masks to be worn until seated, Masks to be worn by Bar staff
     Bar Rota has been suspended until 19th July review - A limited interim rota is in place
** Pavilion - masks should be worn at all times other than when seated in the Bar. Social distancing should be maintained
The following will be reviewed by July 19th in line with Step 4 Guidance

** Teas
** Raffles -
** Kitchen - will remain closed

HYGIENE - as per last year, together with social distancing and face-covering, is paramount

2-metre self-distancing must be adhered to at all times.
Hand Sanitiser will be available around the green.
Disinfectant will be available to clean mats and jacks after play.
Anti-bacterial sprays and wipes will be available for door handles, gates and any other surfaces touched.
Take your rubbish, including tissues, home – do not leave at Club.
The Kitchen remains closed
Wash hands regularly and follow HMG hygiene guidelines.

Rinks MUST be booked in advance via the ‘Rink Booking’ page on the Club website
     do not turn up to play in the hope there is a free rink,
     do not play unless you have received a confirmation email
     only play on your allocated rink

Every day – 2pm to 5pm and 5.30 to 8.30pm
Mornings 10am to 1pm except Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Use only your own bowls.
Do not handle your opponents bowls.
Each player should use a separate jack and mat.                      
Touchers should be chalked only with spray chalk
Do not shake hands, hug or High Five other members.

Do not go to the Club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or a high temperature. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

Anyone suffering Covid-19 symptoms after having played should advise an Executive Committee member immediately.

Bowls England guidance has been circulated to all members.

As you will be well aware the situation remains very fluid and we will issue updates on a regular basis but If anyone has any suggestions or questions please do contact us.