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So what will you be doing this summer?
Fancy playing a competitive sport? Or fancy a social pastime?
PLAY BOWLS is the answer to either question!

Come along to our OPEN SESSIONS :
Thursday 9th May 6pm - 8pm and/or
Sunday 12th May 10am - 12noon

See 'Open Sessions' Page for full details.

What's Coming Up?

Saturday 20th April
Captain v Vice-Captain 1.30pm

Sunday 21st April

Mixed Home v Loose 2.30pm

Wednesday 24th April
Men Home v Woodlands 2.30pm

Saturday 27th April
Men & Ladies Home v Hesketh Park 2.30pm

Sunday 28th April
Mixed Home v Townsend Hook 2.30pm

Monday 29th April
West Kent League 6pm:
   Borough Green A v
Tonbridge A
   Borough Green B v

Wednesday 1st May
Men & Ladies Away v Hartley Country Club 2.30pm

Thursday 2nd May
Men Home v Belvedere 2.30pm

Friday 3rd May
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
   Borough Green v
Angel v Woodlands
Longmead v Minters Orchard
   Valley View resting